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Know what lies ahead of you.
At Strategic 4Sight we provide organisations with solutions to manage their business with greater certainty.

Identify the business levers that will propel your organisation to greater growth. 

  • Revenue Planning Model

  • CAPEX and Investment Planning Model

  • OPEX Planning Model

  • Cashflow Planning Model

  • Manpower Planning Model

Market Analysis


We help organisations to identify not only the key business levers, but also identify the business constraints of your current business model.

  • Business Productivity Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Cash Flow Analysis

The analysis not only focuses on the internal operational efficiencies, but also extends to analysing of the supply chain and market demand drivers.



Enabling Your Success!

Strategic 4Sight provides our customers with a holistic approach to business analysis, planning and budgeting by focusing on three key aspects of business performance, they are:

  • Methodology

  • Technology Platform

  • Business Process

Our foundation to business analysis and strategic planning is based on Systems Thinking. Whereby it promotes an integrated and holistic approach to viewing of the business model.

Beyond the methodology, we assist organisations in successfully implementing technology platforms for advanced causal and/or inferential analytics. We also provide customers with planning and budgeting platforms to go beyond spreadsheet planning, thus achieving greater collaboration and governance during the planning and budgetng cycles.

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Analyzing the data
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It involves the creation of a dynamic business model for 'what-if analysis'. This is a causal based model, whereby key business processes are mapped. The model takes into account not only quantitative but also qualitative variables.

Business Modeling & Simulation

This is the traditional business planning platforms which enables organisations to progress beyond using spreadsheets. Such a platform allows organisations to have greater visibility, faster because all plan & budget data is not updated in a common database.

Planning & Budgeting

Organisations that have to prepare comprehensive Financial Consolidation reports for various stakeholders will not only find that technology can help to reduce the overall time and effort during preparation, but it will also improve the overall data governance, providing greater confidence by the stakeholders of the submitted results.

Financial & Management Consolidation

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Most organisations still do not have real time, on-demand reporting. Reporting is more than just implementing a Business Intelligence tool. It is about understanding the information consumers needs, and providing them with the right information, at the right time and in the right manner. So start with data virtualisation and on-demand performance driven reporting.

Management & Operational Reporting



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